Vopsire In Camp Electrostatic

We offer electrostatic field powder painting services for mechanical frames and/or subassemblies of large and very large dimensions, using indoor or outdoor powder paint.


The maximum size of the units that need painting (LxHxW): 2300x1000x1000 mm.

Frame: steel, zinc coated steel, aluminum.

Thickness of the paint layer: min.60-80µm, verified with elcometer (or as requested).

Colors as per the client's demands, according to the RAL color palette.

The quality system is certified as per ISO 9001/2000.




     The painting installation is composed of:


  • Surfaces preparation tunnel through spraying for the degreasing and phosphating operations (2 successive tanks), current water washing (2 successive tanks) and demineralized water washing;
  • Drying oven at 100-120°C temperature;
  • Powder paint spraying cabin equipped with paint spraying pistols of GEMA-Switzerland production;
  • Polymerization oven at a temperature of max. 220°C;
  • Hanging conveyor for the mechanized transportation of the units;
  • Residual waters automated treatment station;
  • The preset technological parameters (time, temperature, conveyor belt speed, fluids pressure, pH, debits, powder quantity, etc.) are automatically displayed and controlled by PLC.


      The advantages of electrostatic painting:


  • special coverage quality,
  • increased mechanical endurance,
  • durability,
  • economically efficient,
  • increased environmental protection degree.


      The price is negotiated based on:


  • total painting surface,
  • units configuration (flat, three-dimensional),
  • paint color – according to RAL color palette,
  • powder paint type – EPOXYPOLIESTERIC (indoor) or POLIESTERIC (outdoor),
  • paint effect - mat, shiny, smooth, textured,
  • thickness of the applied layer,
  • delivery period,
  • packing type, etc.